Employer Protection Scheme

Why is our Employer Protection Scheme amongst the finest of solutions in the employment services market for employer clients?

Please note that these are general comparisons and pointers against the typical HR companies’ contracts and services that are available in the market today.

Our service is better...

• We are qualified in law and regulated to ensure we act in your best interests.

• Our service is personable and our advice is given always to suit your commercial circumstances.

• Our advice is independent and there is no conflict to ensure the profitability of an insurance company or some tribunal representation membership scheme.

• We are highly skilled at dealing with complex employment law matters quickly and efficiently when they arise.

• We handle any disputes on your behalf seamlessly and if you are insured we handle claims under the insurance should a claim arise.

• We tailor our services in accordance to your specific needs from the very start of the relationship and do not encourage a one size fits all service.

• Our terms of business are regulated to ensure clarity and that your expectations are met.

• Our service does not impose unfair or lengthy contractual obligations to lock you to our services.

• Your communications as a client with us are privileged.

Difficulties with HR companies’ services…

• The advisory service is normally a nationally run call centre and your business will be known as a reference code.

• Clients using the advisory service on a daily basis will not speak to the same advisor and this is disjointed and time consuming.

• One size fits all is the most profitable mechanism and will be the underlying mission statement from sales to advisory service to claims handling.

• If a problem doesn’t fit a template process then it is bent to fit try and fit the system. This can become a time consuming headache for you.

• They are not experienced with dealing with complex employment law matters when they arise.

• The advisory service is normally run by consultants or staff that are not qualified in law.

• The advisory service is not regulated and there is no duty to ensure that your best interests are met.

• The advice is not business minded for you when you need to make decisions in growing or changing your business.

• The advisory service is run to budget in order to maximise profits and where work can be passed back to you through directing you back to self help manuals or forms.

• Advisory services provided are often financially linked or part of an insurance and advice is given in the interest of the insurers or ultimately avoiding tribunal costs regardless of the position of your business.

• You have to represent and handle your own claims with these companies. This can be extremely time consuming.

• Once you are signed up and contractually bound for a long period (sometimes for several years) what incentive is there to deliver the highest quality service and go the extra mile?

• Client communications with HR companies are not privileged and can be required to be disclosed.



There is a misconception by businesses that all insurance policies are the same and will do the job when called upon. This is not correct and many businesses will find this out when it is too late. As with any service or product you purchase, you get what you pay for. .

Our Insurance offering is better because……..

There is a Fundamental Difference -The insurance behind our services has been specifically designed to meet the expectations of businesses and protect them when they need it. To ensure this happens an agreement has been put in place with insurers that authorises us to accept, handle and control claims on our clients’ behalf. This is key, because our duty is to act in the best interests of our client and not the insurers. Similar insurance products only allow the insurance company or a contracted law firm acting on behalf of the insurance company to control and authorise claims.

Key benefits above competing products

• We are authorised to accept control and handle claims on our client’s behalf under the terms of the insurance. This protects their interest as we have a duty of care to them

• As an insured client, if you follow our advice, you can be certain the policy will respond - even you they find yourself with no reasonable prospects of mounting a satisfactory defence, which is excluded under most other policies.



Finally it is worth reiterating that many clients we speak to who experience a serious employment claim that is insured through other schemes normally tend to end up paying a solicitor to check their interests are fully represented.

For more information on our Employer Protection Scheme and to obtain a quotation contact  Sara Barrett.