Local authorities - Outsourcing

Local authority swimming pool c


We act for a number of local authority clients established to provide facilities ranging from sports developments to golf courses.

Over the last few years we have witnessed interesting developments in the provisions of public services. Local Authorities increasingly see themselves as leaders and coordinators for the provision of public services not necessarily the providers. To this end a number of not for profit organisations have been established to provide these services.

We have been able to support our clients in respect of the following issues: 

  • Reviewing, reporting and negotiating on leases between local authorities and outsourced providers
  • Providing procurement advice including where exemptions apply
  • Dealing with complications with shared use land including Academy owned land
  • Reviewing property specific clauses within services/support agreements
  • Assessing the employment liabilities and advising on the approach to tender  
  • Reviewing specific employment clauses in the Services agreement  
  • Advising on the obligations under the Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment Regulations) 2006 (TUPE) and any associated information and consultation issues
  • Advising on implementation of proposed measures (including redundancies and changes to terms and conditions) post transfer
  • Assisting in drafting communication to staff
  • Applications for inclusion on Redundancy Modification Order (RMO)