Training Contracts

What are we looking for in paralegals/trainees?

We want people to be their own person and bring their own personality and spirit to the firm. We need intellect but with personality; confidence without arrogance and the personal skills to mix easily with colleagues and clients alike. You may not have all the skills needed already but what we look for is the potential to develop them. 

Stage 1

We like to see candidates in action before offering training contracts. As such, we look for all successful candidates to undertake a period (typically six months) as a paralegal with the Firm and those that we like (and like us!) will be offered a training contract. In some cases we might extend the paralegal period required.

Stage 2

Your Training Contracts

As is normal at most firms trainees will have seats of 6 months each in four different areas of practice. The choice of your seat will partly depend on the need of each department and the number of trainees available but we do try to accommodate personal interests and we do make sure you gain balanced and varied experience.

The approach to your training has a number of features:
  • Involvement on files from the start. Teams are small enough to allow good supervision while at the same time allowing you scope to shoulder personal responsibility and show initiative.
  • You will have direct contact with clients and attend meetings at all stages.
  • You will have regular one to one review and supervisory meetings with your supervisor and/or Head of Department.
  • There will be external training courses including your compulsory professional skills courses but also other courses on technical matters provided in-house by external providers.
  • Other in-house courses are held by senior colleagues including a course aimed specifically at junior legal staff entitled "Working Effectively for George Davies" emphasising the non legal aspects of working here.
  • The importance of business development and cross referral of work between departments is also emphasised from the start and you will be actively involved in marketing and business development.
If time spent as a paralegal can reduce the 2 year training period, then we will look into that with our trainees.